• App renamed because of PCTV was complaining at Google
  • Small Lollipop UI related updates


  • Add support for audio channel selection (Go to settings and select "Prefered language")
  • Updated main layout
  • Program guide is not stopping TV anymore
  • Add some Material theme stuff
  • Updated VLC Engine
  • Fix: Crash in preferences screen
  • Fix: Few crashes related to app state
  • Fix: Touch events on ProgramGuideScreen


  • Add support for new device firmware (v3.3.1424)
  • VLC engine (x86, ARMv7) included (necessary for some devices for playing (Samsung, ...))
  • Change of popup window doesn't need video restart
  • Decreased list of profiles
  • External player option (by long click on particular channel)
  • Updated assets to avoid any PCTV similar icons
  • Fix: Crash on channel selection
  • Fix: Few crashes related with app lifecycle
  • Fix: Sorting of channels


  • Audio Only support (doesn't save bandwith, but it's running after app is closed)
  • PopupWindow, watch TV and work with other apps
  • EPG font type changed
  • Program Guide
  • Add support for custom channel lists
  • Add preference to show/hide external inputs
  • Add more details in profile selection
  • Update little volume/brightness indication
  • Showing details for saved videos
  • Fix: Brightness issue weirdly blocked device (detected on Samsung S3 mini)
  • Fix: Few crashes


  • EPG Support in channel list (see settings for accent bug workaround)
  • EPG notification on change
  • 2Fingers double tap opens channel list
  • Volume control by touch events on left side of tv screen
  • Brightness control by touch events on right side of tv screen
  • Playback support (seeking is not supported now)
  • Sleep timer (to lock, it must be activated in Device Settings->Security->Device administrators!)


  • First release...