Firstly, this application is completely unofficial, currently more like an alpha version than a proper release. I need some feedback from users, so please let me know anything what you think is important about the app on discuss phorum. I did it by reverse engineering of communication between browser and the device "distan.tv" web app. So not every feature is supported now and there are presumably few bugs, because of different countries, settings, firmwares etc... So plz let me know, what you have on your mind...

What is it?

So this is just a client for one pretty nice device (PCTV Broadway 2T/TD) what i bought on ebay , i didn't find any native app from PCTV for this particular device, so i decided to create one :).

What do you need ?

  • Android device of course (4.0 version at least)
  • PCTV Broadway 2T/TD device (firmware V3.3.1343 or newer)

KODI Addon

I also made a KODI Addon, it's very simple so you can just watch TV channels. You can download it here, or if you are interested in it you can check the source code and change whatever you like.

Would you like to support me?